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Make yourself at home

An expression used in all kinds of situations to put someone at ease, in both familiar and unfamiliar surroundings.

When a person says this, what they really mean is: “this is an informal situation, so please feel comfortable, relaxed and as if you were in your own home”. No pressure, no boundaries. This expression also helps us describe our products (we’re not really selling Hot Potatoes as such) and what we want you to feel when you’re wearing them. "At home" – that’s the key.

- 100 % made in Spain
- 100 % vegan
- removable insole made of recycled polyester
- outsole with natural rubber
- upper made of felt - made in Spain
- machine washable


Where we grew up, toes poking out of holes in your socks are called “potatoes”. There’s no logical explanation for this. In other places they call them "hobos". But where we come from they’re called "potatoes".

Our brand, a loyal defender of all things homely and comfortable, was founded on the principle of keeping everyone warm and cosy, with up-to-date, informal home collections, including this one.


To keep simmering away to make Hot Potatoes a leading brand of footwear and home accessories with its very own set of ideas.

Today’s fashion scene is a constant stream of new trends, putting consumers under pressure to keep up with the pack and not get left behind.
But, for Hot Potatoes, home trends don’t change, because we all want to get home and get comfy. Home is a place where we can forget the outside world and all kinds of social aff­ectations. Home is a place where we can be ourselves.


Our brand promise isn’t about health or fashion. What matters to us is comfort. Making people feel good. We refuse to follow the crowd, the people who try to turn every aspect of our lives into a fashion statement, even the part we spend at home.

We’re the ideal solution for enjoying home life... the side of life where there’s no need for posing. You may not be a target, but if you’ve got a sense of humour you’ll be a fan.

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