The brand

ACBC stands for “Anything Can Be Changed”, was founded by Edoardo Iannuzzi and Gio Giacobbe in 2017 with the mindset of 2030. Their mission, to improve the conditions of the planet and the people through a greener point of view as well as technological innovations in the fashion and sportswear industry, is very well received.


ACBC is the first Italian BCORP certified shoe brand which means for them to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performances, as well as public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. ACBC is not just being evaluated for their products or services but for their overall impact, and that’s what they care most about.


ACBC uses recycled und sustainable materials such as recycled rubber, post-consumer PET-bottles, apple base, hemp fiber and sea cell. They use “leftovers” from productions which would be thrown away although they are perfect to gain a new material. ACBC took the chance to research and develop new materials on their own.

Sustainability Award

ACBC has been awarded with more than 10 awards for their commitment to drive sustainability in fashion and has been in more than 350 press articles in 2021. One of the many awards is the Sustainable Fashion Award of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week in 2021.

Sustainability and Transparency

ACBC is known for sustainable sneakers only. It is their mission to improve the conditions of the planet by using alternative product materials, which are either recycled, organic or are an innovative natural material. Materials are for example grape base made from pomace, corn base, bio gum and more interesting sustainable alternatives.

ACBC uses three categorized material types:

  1. Materials that are already available.
  2. Materials that are co-created by ACBC and certified suppliers.
  3. New material technologies. ACBC researches on how to reduce the need of fossil materials by adding natural fillers as corn starch or rice husk for example.

Social Contribution / Circularity

ACBC recycles shoes into playgrounds by collecting the post-consumer shoes through bins inside the ACBC retail stores. They donate them afterwards in charity for the production of anti-shock floors for children’s playgrounds in areas of need.