The brand

Founded by Zurich based fashion entrepreneur and creative, Luca Matteo Manuzzi, and Florence based fashion designer, Willy Anne Wijnja, ADAR combines ethical design with luxery quality to create new-era high-fashion sneakers.

Made for the conscious fashion-forward consumer, the sneakers prioritize comfort, whilst supporting the need for sustainable luxery, that is cruelty free, innovative and has a positive impact on the world. The waver represents luxery footwear for discerning sneaker aficionados who appreciate the importance of artisanal crafts, contemporary design, innovation and eco-friendly manufacturing.


NGO – Lady Ripple

Wanting to contribute to a healthier lifestyle globally and circle back to nature, Lady Ripple is a lifestyle brand that advocates sustainability, conscious living and circular prosperity.

ADAR donates 3 € from each sneaker sold to Lady Ripple and adopts bees by building beehives in Tuscany.

With the plight of the bee very dear to their heart, Lady Ripple created the "Bee the Ripple" Charity in 2020. Today when we imbibe in a meal, one in every three things we put to our lips is the result of these noble pollinators. Bees are undeniably intertwined with our lives. They collaborate with multi-disciplinary artists, artisans and apiculturists that they hope will make a difference to nature, as they educate and inspire the public along the way. 10% of their profits go directly to this initiative that advances greater urban bee populations, yielding healthier biodiversity and cleaner air.

Craftsmanship and production

ADAR fully sources and produces their sneakers in Italy. This allows them to ensure the highest quality but also lower Co2 emissions due to shorter transport routes and good working conditions for everyone involved in the production. The sneakers are hand-made by a small, family-owned manufacturer in Veneto, Italy. The region is famous for its long-lasting tradition in shoemaking and a production place of many European luxery brands. ADAR is proud to work with passionate artisans who consider shoemaking rather an art than just a craft.