The company

Keylime was founded by Carsten Richter in 2010. The company always seeks to develop and establish brands with an innovative and diverse but authentic take on our markets. We’ve fast become recognized for quality work that delivers both, results and our collaborative nature.

Teamed up with a diverse range of brands, we’ve developed a unique global perspective and understanding of the today’s society. This flows through into how we approach projects and has earned us a reputation for work that works. According to that Keylime has evolved into a highly respected distribution company in Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland...

'We help you build engaging brand awareness that connects you with your audience.'

Featured work

Whether we are mapping out a brand´s future in our market, partnering with all our internal experts to create a multi channel distribution strategy based on sustainable long-term growth, or creating an innovative upscale distribution, our aim is always to bring brands closer to their audiences.


Featured Past Work

Our approach

It is easy to over-complicate 'brand building'. After all, it can be complex. But we try to keep things simple. To us, ‘establish a brand in our markets’ is about creating profitable relationships with your audience. We adapt our approach below, to your needs, to do just that.

1. Discover

Understand the situation.

Delivering work that works starts with investing time upfront to understand the context of your brand and the ’USP’ (unique selling point) of your products.

2. Strategize

Chart the course.

We´re mapping out the strategy and plan for your brand, along with the milestones and key performance indicators that help us track success.

3. Create

Bring the experience to life.

Our team works to translate our strategy and plan into engaging distribution and brand awareness that generate positive and profitable business.

4. Involve

Converse. Enhance. Amplify.

We reach out to your audience, grow your brand and monitor it for ways we can create sustainable, long term brand experience and successful business.

Our rules

'You will never climb the ladder of success with the hands in your pockets.'

1. Trust yourself

2. Break some rules

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

4. Don’t listen to the naysayers

5. No pain – No gain

6. Give something back

7. Be a competitor, not a complainer

8. Think about partnership in a long-term

9. Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile

10. There are no shortcuts in life, you have to put in everything everyday

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