Flamingos Life

The brand

Flamingos life was founded in 2015 by three Spanish friends - with the aim of creating a brand that focuses on freedom as a way of life.

Their philosophy revolves around three axes:

1. Craftmanship

Flamingos Life produces sneakers handmade in Spain.

2. Vegan

Flamingos Life only uses vegan materials.

3. Transparency

Flamingos Life discloses their supply chain. Each shoe collection is associated with a social project that works to balance our footprint and improves the lives of the most vulnerable living beings on the planet.


Flamingos life uses sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, grown only with water (no pesticides), and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Additionally flamingos life developed their own corn waste upper material, which is made out of discarded corn after harvesting. This material is only used by flamingos life.


Flamingos life works closely with three NGO‘s to give back to the ones in need. With each pair sold, flamingos life donates to the organizations to realize the projects.

AGUA.ONG builds water wells at remote areas of Uganda. Each water well constructed provides drinking water for 500 people in barren areas, improving their quality of life and lowering the risk of dangerous diseases.

Eden Reforestation Projects reforests the world and helps the most disadvantaged people in deforested areas to develop and grow their communities through work. This NGO builds shelters for wild animals, provides medicine for the local population and more.

Waste Free Oceans works to reduce, recycle and reuse marine litter by connecting local fishermen, recycling companies, manufacturers and political agents. Their main goal is to clean the oceans of garbage that humans have generated and dumped there during the last few decades.


Flamingos life‘s mid-term goal is to make biodegradable sneakers. All their production facilities are local, located in Elche, eastern Spain and are managed by families. Working close with long experienced artisans located within a 40-km radius from their headquarter helps to reduce CO₂ emissions due to short transport distances. It also allows an thoroughly quality control of their raw materials and suppliers. Flamingos life's factory workers receive a monthly salary of round about 1.500€, which is one-third higher compared to general Spanish workers that receive approximately 1.050€. This way the company gives jobs to local people and supports a living salary instead of a minimum wage. The brand declines the business model based on exploitation of land, workers and animals.

Bangladesh 87 €
Vietnam 120 €
Brazil 182 €
Spain 1.050 €
Spanish factory workers 1.500 €


Flamingos life established a key collaboration with the sustainable fashion consulting company BCOME. Together with BCOME, they have carried out a deep analysis of their production processes, measuring their environmental footprint with the goal of giving customers true, clear and concise information about their entire supply chain.


Flamingos life sneakers are handmade in Spain. The craftsmanship is a feature for which they are known. Read more about this topic and their workers in “sustainability”.
Swipe for some impressions from the flamingos life factory.